Global mass surveillance: We cannot say we were not warned

Yesterday I came across this report to the European Parliament (‘An appraisal of technologies of political control’). According to the report, ‘[w]ithin Europe, all email, telephone and fax communications are routinely intercepted by the United States National Security Agency, transferring all target information from the European mainland via the strategic hub of London then by Satellite to Fort Meade in Maryland via the crucial hub at Menwith Hill in the North York Moors of the UK’ (p. 19). The date? 6 January 1998. In light of the recent disclosures, it seems that the warning contained in the report fell on deaf ears.


2 Comments on “Global mass surveillance: We cannot say we were not warned”

  1. Dan Joyner says:

    Unfortunately it doesn’t take away the US shame of, first, eavesdropping on our friends, and second, getting caught doing it.

  2. Fiorangela says:

    Interested to know the response of Arms Control Law experts on statements made by one Michael Allen, formerly in administration’s national security council, on why US MUST spy, even on its allies.

    Allen was on C Span Washington Journal Nov 02 2013 putatively to discuss NSA spying but his opening comments voiced “Iran” at least half-a-dozen times; i.e. Iran is the gravest threat US faces in the whole wide world (US Treasury Dept’s years-long efforts to sabotage Iran’s economy are having the negative effect of harming US economy???).

    Allen is also flacking a recent book he authored, and a consultancy that he formed (I choose not to name either item).

    The salient comments that Allen made: “US must spy on allies like Germany so that US negotiators re Iran can know what those countries are thinking and how they may be communicating with Iran on the nuclear issue. The overarching goal is [of course] to keep the US safe from nuclear proliferation.”

    My question is, does such an explanation reflect the pernicious nature of US’s overall atitude toward the NPT that has brought about the evisceration of the “grand bargain” and major tenets of NPT?

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