Research Assistants for my New Book Project

As I am now working on my new book on Iran in earnest, I will be looking for some able research assistance. I already have one research assistant here at Alabama, hard at work. But there are a couple of chapters in the book that would be significantly aided in their progress through the efforts of a small team of researchers assisting me, for example, in compiling case studies of noncompliance with IAEA safeguards, and information on the sanctions program on Iran.

I have in mind for this role graduate level students or young researchers, who are interested in international nuclear law.

If anyone out in reader land would be interested in joining this small team of research assistants, please email me directly at   I would ask colleagues to please send this request for interest to students and student listserves you know of, where interested students may view it.  

In return for the effort of research assistants, I can offer complimentary mention in the acknowledgments section of the book, letters of recommendation if desired, and my appreciation.

Thanks to all in advance.


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