Welcoming Dr. Jean-Pascal Zanders to Arms Control Law!

I’m extremely pleased to welcome Dr. Jean-Pascal Zanders as the newest permanent contributor to ACL!  Jean-Pascal is a Senior Research Fellow at the European Union Institute for Security Studies, and is a well established expert on chemical and biological nonproliferation/disarmament regimes and related diplomacy. In addition to email communication, Jean-Pascal and I had a very stimulating conversation over dinner in Paris recently, and I know that he will bring a wealth of insight and expert analysis to the blog.  So welcome, Jean-Pascal!

Here’s a couple of paragraphs from his bio at the EUISS webpage:

Jean Pascal, Senior Research Fellow, has been at the EUISS since June 2008. His research areas cover armament, disarmament and non-proliferation of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear weapons, as well as space policy. He was Project Leader of the Chemical and Biological Warfare Project at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) from October 1996 until August 2003 and Director of the Geneva-based BioWeapons Prevention Project (BWPP) from April 2003 until May 2006. He holds Masters Degrees in Germanic Philology-Linguistics (1980) and Political Sciences (1992) and a PhD in Political Sciences (1996) from the Free University of Brussels.

He has published extensively on chemical and biological weapon issues in English, Dutch and French since 1986. His most recent publications with the EUISS are: (with Kathryn Nixdorff) Enforcing non-proliferation: the European Union and the 2006 BTWC Review Conference, Chaillot Paper no. 93 (November 2006), (editor) Nuclear weapons after the 2010 NPT Review Conference, Chaillot Paper no. 120 (April 2010), and A new farewell to arms: viewing disarmament in a new security environment, Policy Brief no. 6 (December 2010). He is currently researching the internal dynamics of a terrorist or criminal entity seeking to acquire a chemical or biological weapons capability, the meaning of disarmament in the current security context, and running a project on the longer-term future of the Chemical and Biological and Toxin Weapons Conventions. He also coordinates the pillar of ‘Core Issues’ (which includes, inter alia, CBRN disarmament and non-proliferation) in the European Strategy and Policy Analysis System, Pilot Study 2011, a 2010–2030 foresight exercise by the European Union.


One Comment on “Welcoming Dr. Jean-Pascal Zanders to Arms Control Law!”

  1. J. Mcintosh says:

    Attention Mr Zanders. Re Syria. With all due respect Mr Zanders 1400 people plus 426 children have been recently killed in Syria by the illegal use of chemicals. Yet despite this fact you choose to prat about trying to define the actual chemical used. The fact is they will murdered. Defining the actual chemical has no relevance to the act itself.

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