Podcast on AUKUS

I wanted to post a podcast I was recently invited to do by my friend, Professor Don Rothwell of the Australian National University. We actually recorded it back in December 2021, but the legal issues haven’t significantly changed. I’m guest teaching a course right now at the ANU on Nuclear Security Law, and it brought this podcast back to mind. Anyway, it’s not long – only about 18 minutes. Enjoy!

Rothwell/Joyner Interview on AUKUS


2 Comments on “Podcast on AUKUS”

  1. rivet.oak.03@icloud.com says:

    Listened to your podcast re AUKUS with interest.

    A few observations.

    A. The Australia-IAEA safeguards agreement calls for the application of safeguards on all nuclear material in all “peaceful nuclear activities.” Your presentation failed to mention the restriction to “peaceful” nuclear activities. Should not be omitted, especially in context of AUKUS. B. Perhaps desirable, but unlikely that the Australia safeguards agreement would need to be renegotiated. All that is needed, although the parties to AUKUS might want more, is covered by Article 14, which provides the basis for the non-application of safeguards. It calls for the Agency and the State to make an arrangement. No reason that the Board should be involved. C. No reason to renegotiate US-Australia 123 agreement. What is needed is an agreement pursuant to 91.c of the Atomic Energy Act. (Many of the requirements in Section 123 don’t apply to 91.c agreements.



    A very good talk. Proud of you. Dad

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