2019 IAEA Safeguards Implementation Report

I know I’ve been a bit quiet lately. I am working on a new book on the TPNW in its context within international nuclear weapons law. I’ve also been traveling to Jordan a lot the past few years to assist in their development of a strategic trade control transit and transshipment law and implementing regulations.

Obviously a lot going on in the arms control law world. Most important is probably the imminent demise of New START and the Trump administration’s disingenuous demand that any new nuclear arms control treaty include China.

But in the midst of everything else going on, I have been provided with the newly released 2019 IAEA Safeguards Implementation Report by a friend acting in the interest of transparency. SIRs are always fascinating sources of information about the IAEA’s work. This one comes with an annex describing the facilities subject to IAEA safeguards around the world.  So enjoy reading these and I’ll get back to work on my book.

Best wishes to all.



SIR 2019

GOV-2020-8 – Annex AR_facilities under SG


4 Comments on “2019 IAEA Safeguards Implementation Report”

  1. robertkelley2012 says:

    Very interesting data! Thank you.

    Hope you and ours are safe from the plague and functioning close to normally! Truthfully, we are comfortable with the situation in Austria and have no complaints.



    • Dan Joyner says:

      Hey Bob! Great to hear from you. Yes, we’re ok here thank goodness. But as you’ve seen from abroad, it’s a real mess here generally speaking. My daughters are all doing school online, and I was teaching online for the last part of the semester. This isn’t satisfying for anyone concerned.Big questions about when/how/how quickly to re-open the economy. A pity we have completely incompetent national leadership at a time we need leadership most.

  2. NW22 says:

    Hi! Noticed that the 2016 SIR is not on your blog. Any chance you might be able to kindly upload it? Thanks for this!

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