Does the US Missile Defense System in Eastern Europe Violate the INF Treaty?

I’m actually genuinely asking this. I don’t know the answer. I know Russia has made this accusation repeatedly over the years, and again just in the past few days.  Here’s a nice explanation of the issues involved.

But honestly I don’t know a lot about the INF treaty, other than what I could gather through looking at the text itself and a few online articles.  The question seems to be one involving some technical determinations about the kinds of missiles and launching systems that the US either has or plans to have at its bases in Eastern Europe.  For me to get up to speed and give an answer I would have confidence in would take me a while. So I thought I would just throw the question out to readers who may have actual expertise in this area that they could share.  Please either leave a comment, or if you would like to do a guest post, just let me know by email.


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