My Iran Book Finally Done

Sorry for the radio silence from me over the past couple of months. I’ve been working hard to finish my Iran book, which I’m happy to report is now done and is in production with OUP. This is a very big deal for me, as I’ve been working on the manuscript for around three years now. I had been working on it for about two and a half years before the JCPOA was announced last summer, and had to pause for six months to await the deal’s implementation before writing the final chapter on it.

But it appears that the wait will soon be over. I’m being told it will be published sometime around June, and in a less expensive binding than my other books. I’m very pleased about that. I would really like this book to get a wide circulation and be read not just by academics and by students, but by government and international organizations officials as well.

Much more about the book to come in the next few months.


4 Comments on “My Iran Book Finally Done”

  1. chasmark says:

    Congratulations! Have you made any plans for a book tour?

    • Dan Joyner says:

      Thanks! Just starting to think about where to hold some book launch events. Definitely want to do one in Vienna. Will need to talk to potential host organizations. Something tells me that the VCDNP is out 🙂

  2. Poya Pakzad says:

    Congratulations! Been looking forward to this.

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