Catching Up and Michal Onderco’s Work

I know the blog has been a bit quiet of late. I don’t have much of an excuse – I’m not teaching this semester. But I am trying to devote all the time I can to writing my new book on Iran’s nuclear program and international law. I hope to have it done in August.

I’m also working, with Marco Roscini and others, on a special issue of the Cambridge Journal of International & Comparative Law on the topic of the rights of states in international law. This is a topic that Marco and I have been thinking about for a long time and that, for me, derives from my thinking over the years about what to make of the “inalienable right” language in NPT Article IV.

I just got back on Saturday from an excellent conference in Rome, organized by Professor Natalino Ronizitti and the Instituto Affari Internazionale, on coercive economic sanctions and international law. A great group of speakers.

On Monday, then, I met with Michal Onderco here in Tuscaloosa.  Michal is currently a Max Weber Fellow at the EUI in Florence (bio here).  He works at the intersection of international relations theory and international law. We talked about his current work on nonproliferation topics, and I wanted to pass along to readers one of his previous articles published in International Studies Quarterly, entitled “Accommodation or Confrontation? Explaining Differences in Policies Toward Iran.”  I found the paper’s focus on different states’ “cultures of dealing with deviance” to be particularly parsimonious and powerful. Here’s a link to the paper:  Onderco Accomodation or Confrontation

In general, I’m trying to keep up like everyone else is with the ongoing negotiations between Iran and the P5+1.  Seems a bit like a soap opera sometimes. Some days Joanie seems to love Chachi, and everything seems set for them to get married. Other days Joanie’s relatives start screaming that the pair shouldn’t get married, and Joanie has to keep them from spoiling things.  The next day its Chachi’s family screaming.  I suppose we won’t really know anything until the wedding date comes.

With Russia/US relations in the tank over Ukraine, a number of important developments concerning arms control law have recently occurred in that bilateral relationship. Russian termination of the longstanding and successful cooperative threat reduction program is perhaps the most noteworthy of these.

And of course the 2015 NPT Review Conference kicks off at UN Headquarters in New York on April 27th. Hard to predict what’s going to happen there. Alot of bad feelings in the Arab world about the failure to hold a Middle East WMD Free Zone conference, as was promised in the 2010 NPT RevCon Final Document. Difficult to predict what impact that will have on whether a final document will be agreed, and if so what will be in it. More on that issue to come.


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  1. Nick says:


    Please let us know when your book and the Special Issue are available.

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