Former Weapons Inspector in Iraq Questions Claims that Iran Hiding Nuclear Tests

A new interview by our good friend Bob Kelley here at Truth Out (originally at Democracy Now). Bob is probably the most credible independent technical expert on nuclear weapons, so his opinion is worth a lot.

I think Bob does a good job here of rightly praising the IAEA for its competence and track record in doing the job it’s actually supposed to do – nuclear materials accountancy – while at the same time rightly criticizing the IAEA’s forays into areas in which it has neither legal authority nor technical competency – e.g. weaponization.


One Comment on “Former Weapons Inspector in Iraq Questions Claims that Iran Hiding Nuclear Tests”

  1. yousaf says:

    Great piece by Kelley.

    This is what I wrote when, in early 2012, Olli Heinonen claimed Iran was 6 months from a bomb:

    Heinonen is also mentioned in Porter’s piece critical of IAEA methods:


    “David Albright, the director of the Institute for Science and International Security, who enjoyed a close relationship with the IAEA Deputy Director Olli Heinonen, revealed in an interview with this writer in September 2008 that Heinonen had told him one document that he had obtained earlier that year had confirmed his trust in the earlier collection of intelligence documents. Albright said that document had “probably” come from Israel.

    Former IAEA Director General Mohamed ElBaradei was very sceptical about all the purported Iranian documents shared with the IAEA by the United States. Referring to those documents, he writes in his 2011 memoirs, “No one knew if any of this was real.”

    ElBaradei recalls that the IAEA received still more purported Iranian documents directly from Israel in summer 2009. The new documents included a two-page document in Farsi describing a four-year programme to produce a neutron initiator for a fission chain reaction.

    Kelley has said that ElBaradei found the document lacking credibility, because it had no chain of custody, no identifiable source, and no official markings or anything else that could establish its authenticity—the same objections Iran has raised about the high explosives document.”

    What I find odd is that Heinonen is at UANI:

    So is ex-USG dude Samore:

    Wondering if the USG’s interest in using the State Secrets Act to protect non-USG entity UANI has something to do with this cast of characters at UANI, some of whom are ex-USG and others ex-IAEA, and others at the associated non-jihadi ISIS “think”-tank —

    Just wondering.

    I have no idea really.

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