Supplementary Document to the IAEA DG’s 2013 Report on the State Level Safeguards Approach

IAEA State Level Safeguards Document August 2014

A friend has sent me this new report by the IAEA DG, which supplements and fleshes out the initial DG report on the State Level Safeguards Approach (SLSA) that was released last summer, and which I posted on ACL here.  This new report gives more information on the nuts and bolts of how the SLSA is to be implemented. I think it should be interesting reading, and I invite comments.

Last summer I wrote a fairly lengthy piece here in response to the original report, which this now supplements.  You can read that piece here.  I basically still think the same thing about the overall program. As I said then:

The state level approach overall seems geared to reduce the attention the IAEA pays to “good states,” i.e. those for whom a broader conclusion has been reached, and instead focus the IAEA’s scrutiny on a list of “suspect states.” The means by which states get added to the “suspect” list would appear to be susceptible to a considerable degree of subjectivity and politicization. But once you’re on the naughty list, the IAEA will essentially assume your wrong intent and then follow up methodically on every possible way in which you might even potentially go about developing a nuclear weapon – even if there is no evidence that you are trying to do so or have ever tried to do so – and monitor those pathways constantly, requiring your complete cooperation with whatever invasive and subjectively determined processes and standards of investigation and assessment the BOG determines to be necessary in your specific case.

Can you imagine any of the NWS/P5 EVER consenting to such discriminatory, intrusive and subjective investigation and assessment standards being applied to them? Neither can I.


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