Article on the ATT

I’m in Sydney, Australia for the next 10 days, teaching a short course at the University of New South Wales. The cool weather (it’s winter here, of course) is a nice break from the oppressive heat of the Alabama summer.

I did, however, come across an article on the Arms Trade Treaty recently in the Goettingen Journal of International Law, and wanted to share it. On first glance it looks like a very useful piece, outlining the features of the ATT and providing commentary. I haven’t read it closely yet. You can find it here. Maybe some of the conventional arms specialists in the ACL community can engage with it in the comments.

In other news, it’s certainly a messed up world out there. I’ve basically given up on trying to keep up with the various crises all over the place. It seems like most of the middle east and much of north africa is at war, or on the brink of it. The Iran nuclear negotiations broke off without a deal, though the parties have agreed to an extension of the interim agreement. I don’t know – as I read the tea leaves of the legislatures in both countries wanting more of a hand in shaping the negotiations, I’m starting to fear that, once again, an auspicious moment in the affairs of nations has been lost. The more time passes, the more likely it is that something, either of intention or circumstance, will derail the negotiations and prevent a deal. If that happens, it will be most unfortunate.


4 Comments on “Article on the ATT”

  1. Many thanks, Dan. The article is helpful. Agree, the situation in the middle east, Libya and the Ukraine is appearing to go beyond control. There are reports that the Russians have tested nuclear cruse missile, which has been claimed by the USA.
    Hope you are enjoying Australia.

  2. Cyrus says:

    The fact that Obama had nothing to offer to Iran as a quid-pro-quo due to Congressional obstructionism was well-known beforehand. The US taken an untenable position (demanding that Iran give up enrichment) and has so boxed itself into that position so it can’t backtrack due to Congress.This is what the proponents of sanctions on Iran had always intended. The demand that Iran give up enrichment was always meant as a poison pill to wreck negotiations, making it impossible for the US to remove sanctions and ensuring that there would be no deal with Iran.

  3. Johnboy says:

    The weather in Sydney has certainly turned for the better in the last two days; today certainly was a corker.

    Hope you are still here, Dan, so you can go back home and tell everyone what an Aussie winter feels like.

    As in: pretty damn good.

    Mind you, a month ago I was standing on the sidelines of a soccer game, wondering what the hell I was doing….

    • Dan Joyner says:

      Oh yes, the weather is gorgeous here. Warm and sunny. Such a nice break from Alabama summer. Sydney is a beautiful place and I like being here. I was talking last night to an American who decided to move here and live, just because he liked it so much.

      Johnboy, if you want to meet up while I’m here just say the word. I’m here till August 6.

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