Gareth Porter on False Intel Regarding Iran’s Nuclear Program

My friends Hilary and Flynt Leverett are hosting a piece by Gareth Porter over at Going to Tehran, which is essentially an excerpt from his new book entitled “Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of the Iran Nuclear Scare.”  I confess that I haven’t read Porter’s book yet, even though I have been eagerly anticipating it. But this new piece gives a taste of what it contains, and I think it looks like an impressive work of journalism that deserves to be taken seriously and engaged with.

Even in this short piece, Porter provides an alternative narrative to the usual “laptop of death” source story, that I think sounds persuasive and sensible. Porter is by all accounts a well respected journalist, and he has devoted a lot of time and energy to this subject. I think his work is a serious challenge to the accepted narrative of the intelligence on which the IAEA and Western governments have relied in their political campaign to denigrate Iran’s nuclear program and force its unwinding.


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