Happy New Year

A happy new year to everyone on the Gregorian calendar.

Today also happens to be my 40th birthday. I feel very officially old today. 

Wishing all of our readers happiness, health and success in the new year.

7 Comments on “Happy New Year”

  1. S. Batsanov says:

    Thanks a lot, Dan, for your New Year greetings. Reciprocally. And congratulations on your 40th birthday. I wonder, how one should interpret – in the context of international law – the fact that this important announcement appeared under “NUCLEAR” ?

  2. Edward says:

    Does that mean that this is the fortieth time someone in your family said, “You arrived just in time for a tax deduction.”
    Happy Birthday Dan and Happy New Year All.

  3. Don Bacon says:

    Thanks to you for the site, and also on your birthday to your parents for proliferating by one, way back in the last century.

  4. Dan Joyner says:

    Thanks very much to all. Yes, I think all of my posts default to “nuclear” but it’s perhaps particularly appropriate to turning 40!

    And yes, we note every year how 1973 was a good tax year for my father.

  5. Congratulations Dan on your birthday! And long live ACL.

  6. Nick says:

    Congrats! Keep up the good work Dan. Your insightful articles/blogs have impacted the discussion on Iran’s nuclear issues; you have made great contributions in opening our eyes to the proper understanding of the legal matters related to this topic.

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