Arms Control Law Chosen as one of the ABA Journal’s 2013 Blawg 100!!!!!!!

Remember back in July when I posted that the American Bar Association Journal was seeking nominations for its annual list of the 100 best legal blogs? Yeah, me neither. I had basically forgotten about it, thinking that there was pretty much no chance ACL would make the list.  But I just got the official word today that Arms Control Law has been chosen for the ABA Journal’s 2013 Blawg 100 list, as one of the top 100 best blogs for a legal audience!!! 

See the official announcement here.

Here’s what they say about ACL:

We are highly impressed by this freshman blog—even if its matter-of-fact posts on bioterrorism and nuclear proliferation keep us up at night. The bloggers have their fingers on the pulse of the sometimes-clandestine international arms race and the treaties that aim to stop it. Columns have examined fallout from the NSA surveillance scandal and legal implications for chemical weapon attacks in Syria. It’s a must-read for foreign policymakers, but also easily accessible to the layperson.

I’m really thrilled about this. Its extremely gratifying. I don’t want to turn this into an academy award speech, but I do want to thank our readers who took the time to nominate ACL for this distinction.

Blogging is something that I only started doing a little over a year ago, and I do sometimes question whether the benefits outweigh the costs of time and effort, and the fights that I seem to get pulled into.  But I have found blogging to be overall a valuable complement to my normal academic work, and this new recognition helps to convince me that our efforts here are seen to be valuable by others.  This will help to keep me going.

So congratulations to all of my fellow bloggers, and thanks to our readers!!!!



7 Comments on “Arms Control Law Chosen as one of the ABA Journal’s 2013 Blawg 100!!!!!!!”

  1. S. Batsanov says:

    Dan, Congratulations. I feel happy for you and ACL!

  2. Nick says:

    Congrats Dan. Your hard work has paid off.

  3. Richard H. says:

    My vote well spent! Congrats.

  4. Cyrus says:

    Good to see a qualified voice of expertise finally being acknowledged in an arena full of spin and nonsense.

  5. yousaf says:

    congratulations — it’s everything a blog should be!

  6. Russ Wellen says:

    Well deserved. Looking forward to the next year with Arms Control Law.

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