Robert Kelley Pretty Much Explains it All

Friend of ACL Bob Kelley, who is one of the most qualified people on the planet to discuss the technical aspects of nuclear energy and nuclear weapons programs, has given a couple of interviews to The Real News about the recent joint statement between Iran and the IAEA, the P5+1 talks, and a number of the most important issues and questions surrounding Iran’s nuclear program. The result is just a tremendous amount of clarity and information on these questions. I profited immensely from listening to him explain things. I HIGHLY encourage all readers to view these short but insightful interviews, which are accompanied by written transcripts, and to forward them on to a wider audience, because Bob really does address important current questions here and provides a lot of clarity. I also think Bob’s recommendation to Iran to voluntarily produce a full report on any past research on nuclear weapons makes a lot of sense, and would help take any remaining wind out of the sails of Iran’s detractors in the West and at the IAEA.

Here are the links to the two parts of the same interview:


2 Comments on “Robert Kelley Pretty Much Explains it All”

  1. Johnboy says:

    Agreed. Kelly does an excellent job of cutting through the nonsense.

  2. Cyrus says:

    Actually, many IAEA member states have criticized Amano for the language used in the IAEA reports:
    “NAM notes with concern the possible implications of the continued departure from standard verification language in the summary of the report of the Director General,”

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