Iran’s Response to the Most Recent IAEA Report

See this Reuters report for an update on diplomacy between Iran and the IAEA, including a link here to Iran’s formal response to the IAEA’s August 28th report on its nuclear program.

I did a post back in July on Iran’s response then to the IAEA’s May 22 report.  There’s alot of overlap in this new response by Iran, but some new stuff as well.

Overall I think its important to have the legal arguments of both sides well aired, and Iran has in my opinion done a good job of setting out its legal arguments in these responses. And I think that in many cases their arguments are correct and persuasive. For those who think international law should play a role in international relations, these are important documents, and I hope others will take the time to read and objectively consider the legal arguments both of the IAEA and Iran on this issue.


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