French Government Intelligence Assessment on CWs use in Syria

You may download here the full report (PDF in French) released by the French government on its intelligence assessment on the use of CWs in Syria. I heard this morning on France-Info a French MP labelling it a ‘Wikipedia-style’ report.

6 Comments on “French Government Intelligence Assessment on CWs use in Syria”

  1. yousaf says:

    Thank you.

    What is the feeling in French polity: do they generally wish to wait for UN results or rush into war? (Or rush the US into war?)

    • As far as I understand, French politicians are very divided on the matter (even inside political parties), and on whether a UNSC resolution would be needed. What is quite surprising is to see the minority (centre-right) reminding the majority (socialist) of the need to obtain an UNSC authorization. Polls show a considerable opposition to the intervention in the French opinion. The matter is discussed this afternoon in the Parliament (Assemblée nationale), so wait and see.

  2. Cyrus says:

    “Assad menace la France”


  3. Nick says:

    Many of us felt that after that imbecile Sarkozi a more sensible politician will take the reign at the Elysee place, but looks like, Brits and French leadership are competing as to which one can be the best lapdog for the White House.

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