Yes, I’m not the most tech savvy person. I’ve just recently gotten myself a Twitter account. I wanted to pass it along to those of you who use Twitter.  I will endeavor to tweet about each new blog post on ACL, so if you think it would be useful to you to “follow” me on Twitter and receive these announcements, please look me up at DanJoyner1


4 Comments on “Twitter”

  1. robertkelley2012 says:

    Please spare me another “social network” Most of what I have is too cumbersome! Bob

  2. Dan Joyner says:

    I hear you Bob. As I said, Twitter is something I’ve only recently started using. The reason I thought to do it for the blog is just that for some people who follow alot of blogs, it seems to be useful to receive Twitter notifications about new posts all in one place, so they dont have to check each of the blogs individually every day. But again, I hear you that there seems to be alot of sometimes overlapping places where we’re supposed to “network” these days – Facebook, LinkdIn, Twitter, etc.

  3. This is probably the best choice you’ve made (free of charge) for the marketing of this blog (not belittling everything else you’ve done so far).

    • Dan Joyner says:

      Thank you Poya. Being an academic these days and trying to have an impact on debate of important issues, does mean having to come to terms with the various technologies available for both presenting and propagating your work and ideas. Not all of them appeal equally to me. For example, I’ve tried the more mainstream media op-ed approach several times, and I’ve had some pretty bad experiences with editors. In general, I don’t like editors who are not area specialists doing heavy handed and intrusive textual edits of my work. They don’t seem to understand that when they edit for “style” they inevitably change the meaning of carefully chosen words that are often terms of art. Anyway, thats one reason I like blogging, because, for good and bad, I am in control of what I say. I find that peer-reviewed journals also take a very light-handed approach to textual editing, which I appreciate. Whereas student edited law journals in the US, rather ironically, are among the worst culprits in making very intrusive, and sometimes unindicated, textual changes to articles prior to publication. I have been fighting with law student journal editors for thirteen years now over this. Anyway, Twitter does seem to be a good way to propagate one’s ideas expressed in all of these other media. I will appreciate readers re-Tweeting to their own networks of followers.

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