Liron Libman on the ATT

Friend of ACL Liron Libman has written a  truly excellent review and discussion of the new ATT over at his blog.  I highly recommend it as the best review and explanation I’ve seen of the ATT so far.

I had the pleasure of meeting Liron when I was recently in Jerusalem. He was previously the head of the International Law Department of the Israeli Defense Force. So he’s someone eminently qualified to write on the ATT. He’s also a really nice guy.


2 Comments on “Liron Libman on the ATT”

  1. Erkan Akdogan says:

    Dear Mr. Joyner,

    Mr. Libman’s comments seem through and thought-provoking.

    So far so good. Thank your for this share.

    To sum up, ATT is simultaneously aspirational and heartbreaking, though.


    Erkan Akdogan

  2. Don Bacon says:

    An NGO activist said to the Guardian that the treaty is a milestone that would regulate “the illegal flow of arms to warlords, tyrants and despots around the world, a treaty that could save the lives of millions and help prevent conflicts like those in Mali or Sri Lanka ever happening again“.

    Oh good, this means that the US can no longer hype a non-existent Iran threat in order to sell tens of billions of dollars’ worth of weapons to Gulf State despots and Israel.
    –$10 billion for Osprey and F16 aircraft to Israel and UAE.
    –$39 billion F15 for aircraft to Saudi Arabia.
    –$4 billion for Patriot missiles to Kuwait.

    The hype and the sales will probably be canceled now that we have this treaty. /s

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