Welcoming Dr. Milagros Alvarez-Verdugo to Arms Control Law!

I’d like to welcome a new member of the Arms Control Law blogging team, Dr. Milagros Alvarez-Verdugo of the University of Barcelona.  Dr. Alvarez-Verdugo has a highly developed expertise in WMD nonproliferation law, as well as EU security and defense policy, and has extensively published in these areas in both Spanish and English.  She will add significantly to the pool of expertise here at Arms Control Law, and it’s a great pleasure to have her on board! 

Her first post will follow shortly, and will consist of some very interesting thoughts on the lead up to the 2015 NPT Review Conference, and specifically on various positions of states regarding the potential universalization of the rules of the Nuclear Suppliers Group.  I for one plan to comment on it when she posts it, and I think it might produce some good discussion.

Please see a summary of her impressive bio below:

Dr. Milagros Álvarez-Verdugo is Associate Professor of International Law and EU Law at the University of Barcelona. Her work for the past decade has focused primarily on the nonproliferation of WMD and the EU security and defense policy. She is the author of Incidence of the Security Council on the Legal Regime of Nuclear Weapons (Barcelona, J.M.Bosch, 2007 –in Spanish) and The Security and Defense Policy of the European Union (Madrid, Dykinson, 2003 –in Spanish). She has published articles in international journals such as the European Journal of International Law and European Foreign Affairs Review, and in the major Spanish journals in the field. Currently she is a visiting scholar at Cornell University (2012-13).  She has visited previously at Cornell (2004-2005), and Harvard University (2005), and has been Visiting Professor at the Law School of the University of Puerto Rico (2004 and 2008).


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