New Opportunity for Doctoral Study of International Nuclear Law

My law school, the University of Alabama School of Law, has just recently approved a new Doctor of Juridical Science (JSD) degree program. This is in line with a number of other top U.S. law schools. The JSD degree is essentially equivalent to a PhD in law, as offered by universities elsewhere in the world. The reason for the different appellation in the U.S. is that our primary graduate taught degree is the Juris Doctor (JD), and so there is a need to differentiate between these two doctoral degrees.

The JSD degree program is a research program of study, leading to the production of a thesis, comparable to a PhD thesis. And like a PhD program, the JSD program consists essentially in a student studying and producing their thesis under the direct supervision of a member of the University of Alabama law faculty.

I am interested in receiving applications for JSD program study with me on issues of international nuclear law, running the full range of civilian and military nuclear issues; including safety, security, liability, trade & investment, safeguards, peaceful use, nonproliferation, and disarmament.

The JSD degree is most suitable for candidates who have already completed a first degree in law, and who wish to further their legal education, to qualify for or to progress their careers in government, international organizations, academia or non-governmental organizations.

Please see all the details about the JSD degree here at the University of Alabama School of Law at this site, with a further list of frequently asked questions at this site.

If you are interested in potentially applying for JSD study with me, please send me an email at

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